The New York Contrasts tour (a different tour)


Contrast Excursion is one of the Tours in New York more interesting. In fact, the vast majority of tourists who arrive previously hire this excursion. The reason, for the tour, the distance between the places that are visited and the cultural diversity that you can see on a tour or excursion like this. Of course, as we will tell you below, you may like it or not.

The excursion Contrasts

The excursion that we all recommended

The first time we visited New York, it struck us that most of our friends advised us hire the tour or the excursion of contrasts. That it was worth it, that you could see very different places in New York, etc ... The reality is that before we put our feet in the "new" city of Trump already We had hired the tour. We risked the truth, but for a little less than € 50 a whole morning and with the included transportation we found it cheap.

We are not lovers of tours or excursions, since sometimes they don't leave you time to take pictures. In this case it happened to us in the final section, in the Jewish Quarter, but still worth knowing New York in a different way

An excursion for everyone, a different tour

The fourth or fifth day of our stay in New York was the day of the Contrasts excursion. It was November and it was a bit cold. We had met the guide at 8am at one of the hotels near Times Square. There, next to a huge Chevrolet van there were 4 or 5 tourists dead of cold. Luckily for them we were the last and as soon as we arrived we all climbed into the classic American van to begin the tour of the neighborhoods of Harlem, Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn, the real New York.

Times Square
New York

The tour or excursion Contrasts has something different from the other excursions What can you do in New York? You are not sure what you are going to see. It is not the typical New York of skyscrapers, shops or emblematic buildings, it is the New York where real people live, the New York where you can see children and people playing in their parks. Keep one thing, count the number of children you will see playing in Manhattan and you will realize that Manhattan is a place where families have almost no place.

Therefore, it is not a tourist New York. If you are looking for this, the excursion is obvious, if you are looking for something different, hire it.

Harlem, more than a quiet neighborhood

Leaving Times Square behind and an incredible Delorian that was next to the door of our hotel, we went in the van to the sound of the guide's stories heading to Harlem, where we pass by protected housing buildings, schools or basketball courts like those in the movies. There if there was life beyond tourists and people who live running from side to side to go to work. A quiet New York.

Hallucinating next to our hotel

Harlem was like being in another city in the United States, with more traditional buildings and more affordable houses in the pocket of the average citizen. Shortly after we go to the Bronx, a total contrast.

The Bronx, that dreaded neighborhood

One of the cult movies About New York Gangsters is Warriors, a 1979 movie that you have to watch. That was New York in the late 70s. Although we knew that New York was no longer like that movie, we did have that bug of whether we would see gangs, strange neighborhoods and drug dealers in the corners, and of all this all we saw were the latter, yes, with normal appearance and almost going unnoticed.

Before arriving at that old and “tumultuous” Bronx we arrived at the Yankee Stadium, which by the way is the team that sells the most shirts in the world. We were surprised, but if the guide says so, Amen ...

Yankee Stadium
Police station in the Bronx

From Yankee Stadium we are heading to one of the most classic police stations in the neighborhood, with those typical movie cars and the occasional policeman drinking coffee. As a curiosity in New York from the mayor Rudolf Giliani The police went from being a corrupt entity to a respected entity. Anyone could work in the police for more than 20 years and nowadays to work there you have to pass a series of physical and mental tests. In addition, retirement is early and if you get caught with some corruption your future is doomed, so few play it.

Bronx graffiti
Bronx graffiti
Bronx graffiti

Other things that mayor did, very intimate of Trump by the way, it waseliminate weapons, since he came to pay for the weapons that his citizens gave in order to be a city without weapons, not like in the 70s. Good initiative !.

Leaving the police station we arrive at the area of graffiti and of Street art from New York, where the kings of Hip Hop are the real kings. On the Contrast excursion they take you to see the classic graffiti of Big pun, the famous rapper who died a few years ago.

Queens, there you live well

From passing through a poor neighborhood like the Bronx we pass to a multicultural and much richer neighborhood like Queens, where the mansions and managers is an area called Malba.

Malba Flushing Meadows Corona Park Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Not far from the residential complex of Malba is the well-known parkFlushing Meadows Corona Park, where a multitude of films like Men in Black or come to America. In addition there you can see the imposing model of 900m2, the callThe Panorama of the City of New York.

Brooklyn, the best contrast for last

Brooklyn is the trendy neighborhood of New York. It has changed a lot in recent years and has become one of the most frequented places in the city. The Brooklyn Bridge is the emblem and Dumbo the park par excellence, but not all of Brooklyn are the views towards Manhattan, Brooklyn hides strong contrasts like the Jewish Quarter.

Brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn bridge

The reality is that in the final section of the excursion Contrasts we lacked time. We could hardly take pictures, especially since the guide did not like us to photograph people out of respect. A pity, because the contrasts there are very strong and the neighborhood seems taken from the last century.

Shutterstock font Shutterstock font

Is it worth the trip? We think so, since you know another New York. Of course, if you have few days (not less than four) it may not be so worth it, New York is very big and there are many things to do.

Practical data

Where to hire the Contrasts excursion?

The Contrasts excursion can be hired from many websites. We recommend that you hire it before going to New York, as it will be much cheaper. We hired her with Cititatis and we had no problem. Recommendable.

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Contrast Tour
Contrast Tour
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