What to do and see in Las Vegas (more than just casinos)


What to see in Las Vegas? Las Vegas are not alone casinos and party, it's much more. Certainly 50% of the business is moved by betting tables, slot machines and poker for example, but with this he would not be able to survive and if not tell the decadent Atlantic City. Part of the business that brings Las Vegas to life are its many attractions. Each hotel has a convention center or theater where they host all kinds of performances, from concerts, through magic performances, theater, circus,…, etc. and why not… go shopping. Therefore, why not come to Las Vegas?

The Mirage and the Venetian - What to see in Las Vegas

What to see in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is divided into two distinct zones, the Downown or as they say Las Vegas Antigua located in the North and Las Vegas Moderna in the South of the metropolis. Both are separated by 6 kilometers of streets with nothing to miss, so we should take a Taxi or public bus, which is very expensive, to $ 6 per tourist (2h service), so the taxi is cheaper when we are 3 or more people. With this we suggest you continue reading to know which sites you have to take into account when what to visit in Las Vegas.

Downtown - Fremont Street

We are in Las Vegas of a lifetime although somewhat renewed. This zone, quite smaller that the new(in 1h we can go through it) is concentrated on the street Fremont or Fremont Street Experience, which a casino gives its name. Years ago it was an open street and today a huge Dome With images in high definition it has replaced the blue sky of the city.

Fremont Casino - What to see in Las Vegas

The best of all is that walking through this dome is walking under the shelter of the air conditioning, which in summer we will appreciate. Concerts, music videos and especially publicity related to the city are projected on it.

Walking through this street is a pleasure and is the only place in the city where we will see old-fashioned casinos with their neon bulbs, open-air concerts, gogós and food venues at a Reasonable price.

Fremont Street - Pioneer Club - What to see in Las Vegas

As a curious point if you have children ... there is a zip line that runs across the street from the largest slot machine in the world. Yes, exactly… slot machine. Therefore they will have a great time without a doubt.

Las Vegas Boulevard - The ideal tour in the South of the city

This is the part of Las Vegas that perhaps today everyone knows. Portrayed in as many movies as Hangover in Las Vegas, casino ó Ocean's eleven. Each casino is a world in itself and going through it will take a long time. The distances in Las Vegas are huge and many streets can only be crossed by bridges, so be cautious and take your time calmly.

Ideally, start at Hotel Mandalay / Delano, the one located further south and practically in front of the airport. The Hotel has one of the largest convention centers in the city where the Circus of the Sun operates and where an incredible shark aquarium is housed (Shark Reef). As in Las Vegas you can do everything, diving among them is allowed.

From there we can take the train that connects it with the Luxor, the famous black pyramid and its sphinx of bricks. Subsequently, the ideal is to continue until Excalibur, a Hotel that by day is frightening and at night has a certain charisma. Inside they are celebrated medieval fighting everyday.

Luxor - Excalibur - Places you shouldn't miss in Las Vegas

Leaving the Excalibur there is a walkway that joins us with New York or the New York Hotel, or so they intended to do :), given that the statue of liberty, the Empire state and the Chrysler Building They have been copied to the amusement park style. Speaking of the latter, they have placed a roller coaster like the one in Coney island, on the outskirts of New York.

New York - MGM - Places you shouldn't miss in Las Vegas

If we go up the street, more of the same, hotel after hotel and the first restaurants and shops, such as the Coca Cola store, the M & Ms store, Planet Hollywood and the Hard rock, which could not miss the appointment.

And we arrive at Cosmopolitan, one of the busiest and noisiest hotels in the city. If you like the party this is your hotel. Attached to it we have the famous Bellagio and its show of fountains, which starts every 15 minutes and is always full of people. The good thing is that when each performance ends, people leave and leave a free place, so you should wait for the next show. Personally, the one we liked the most was the most patriotic, with the American anthem in the background.

Cosmopolitan and Bellagio - What to see in Las Vegas

Glued to Bellagio We have the most rococo Hotel in the city, the Caesar Palace, full of Roman themes and really tired and right in front of the Paris with his Eiffel Tower. This one has a restaurant in its highest part at not very competitive prices :).

Caesar Palace - Paris - What to see in Las Vegas

If we cross the street, just past the Caesar Palace heading north we will reach the famous Venetian. Outside there is a reproduction of the St. Mark's Square with the Rialto Bridge and the Campanille included But the surprise is inside because a Venetian channel has been reproduced with gondolas included About seeing a Yankee singing o sole mioooIt has caused me nightmares.

Venetian - Treasure Island - Places you shouldn't miss in Las Vegas

Further on is the Treasure Island with his pirate ship and then the modern Encorewith the club XS Inside, one of the most famous in Las Vegas. If we continue walking we will find cheap places to eat and buy souvenirs, until we reach the Circus, the last of the modern hotels of Las Vegas but somewhat isolated from the rest due to the stoppage of the works of a series of hotels in its surroundings.

Excursions you shouldn't miss around La Vegas

Las Vegas can be our base camp for all kinds of excursions. From the very same Grand canyon (Two hours by car - West Rim), the famous Hoover dam and the great unknown Valley of Fire, of which we will write a long report in a few weeks.

 See tours which tours are in Las Vegas

The Grand Canyon can be visited in several different ways through numerous tours or by a rental car. Then I summarize the Tours that you can find, always starting from the 200$ onwards…

  • Helicopter: there are several options but the ideal is to go to the South Rim, the most spectacular canyon area. Many of them are limited to flying over the canyon and turn around, but the ideal is to land at its base and if possible make a small 30-minute cross by the Colorado River.
  • Airplane + Helicopter: We leave by plane to the South Rim and from there, ride a helicopter for 15 minutes. At the same time you can visit various places such as the famous viewpoint or the typical tourist / souvenir kidnapping shops ...
  • Van: 8h of beating ... but at least we see the Grand Canyon. Without a doubt the most economical option of the Tours.
  • At your leisure renting a car: If you have time and you can also spend the night, it is undoubtedly one of the best options.

Excursions around Las Vegas - Places you shouldn't miss in Las Vegas

If you have plenty of time and I repeat only if you have enough, you can visit the Hoover dam. This is free to see on the outside but it is still a dam. On the other hand the Valley of fire It is something of another to sing. It is a natural park with a cost of 10$ by vehicle and is one hour from Las Vegas. It is really spectacular but the only way to get there is by car.

Fever for Outlets

Yes, although it seems curious this part is essential in every trip to the US. I honestly do not make much use of them, but more and more people travel with a single suitcase and return with 2. For something it will be and certainly with the adjusted prices already given by them Outlets and to this we add the change Dollar - Euro and the use of Discount tickets, I assure you that the purchases will come at a very good price.

In Las Vegas the main Outlets are located to the North and South of the new part of Las Vegas. Specifically there are two:

  • Premium Outlets - North : where all the guides go since there are practically all the brands. All stores are outdoor style Las Rozas Village. As a curious point ... it is very close to one of the geek places of today ... the pawn shopGold and Silver Pawn Shop.
  • Premium Outlets - South : where the locals usually run away from the guiris. Better prices, less stores but with a fundamental fact… it is located in a Commercial Center with Air Conditioning.

Both Outlets have a website where you can register and download discount vouchers of up to 20%. Believe me ... it's worth it.

Practical data - What to see in Las Vegas

When to go?

We must avoid summer at all costs since during the day it is almost impossible to take a walk because of the heat (+40 degrees). Remember that we are in the middle of the desert of Mojave… However, it is possible to walk from Hotel to Hotel through the tunnels that connect them.

However, in many cases our passage through Las Vegas will be done by making the famous route of the West Coast of the United States so we will not even think about what time it makes us.

Las Vegas Discounts

There is a card, the call Las Vegas explorer pass that offers you free access up to 7 attractions.

 Las Vegas explorer pass

Where to stay?

Hotels we have kicks, but since we are in Las Vegas why not give us a luxury? However, there are aparthotels on the outskirts of the city.

  • Luxor: the cheapest of all. About € 40.
  • Mandalay Bay: € 100/120. Quiet, for families.
  • Mirage: € 100/120
  • MGM: € 110/130. Quiet, for families.
  • Bellagio: € 120 / € 140. Hangover in Las Vegas… .
  • Cosmopolitan:> € 130. Partying
  • Encore:> € 140. Partying
  • Venetian: by far the most expensive and the most Romantic. > 200€

Shows - What to see in Las Vegas

Probably the MGM, he Caesar Palace, he Mandalay and the Aria they are the best places to see shows without belittling the stadium Thomas & Mack Center where NBA games are held.

How to get around Las Vegas?

We have 3 main options. He Cab, which we can take at the door of the Hotels ... not on the street. We also have a bus public that runs through Las Vegas Boulevard at a price of 6$ per tourist (locals pay $ 1) and gives you permission to use it for 2 hours. By the way, it is extremely slow.

Another option is to make use of trains that connect several hotels, like the one that connects the Mandalay - Luxor - Excalibur, he Bellagio with the Monte Carlo ó Treasure Island with the Mirage. All these are free except the one that joins the MGM with the Sahara of several kilometers of travel and numerous stops.

Where to eat?

Easy, it was a great discovery and whenever you like Mexican food. The place is called Tacos el Gordo. Cheap and probably with lines, but worth it. It is located just past the Encore Northbound

What to wear

Water and more Water in summer, you want to walk because you walk a lot because the distances are huge and above all you want to have fun and eat junk food.

Tips with a lot of luggage

I always hear the same singing…. "Take two bags to buy at the Outlets ...Error. Buy yourself the second suitcase there. There are many shops that sell luggage bags and suitcases at very competitive prices.

Travel insurance

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