U.S. The best views of the Golden Gate Bridge


He Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (United States), has been the place of filming infinity of films, logos of numerous local and foreign companies and icon of culture Art deco of the sixties. Who has never heard of him? Perhaps that is the real reason why a steel bridge and cables dressed in red is so important for the city's tourism or perhaps it brings other attractions that we would never have thought, such as crossings in bike waves military batteries posted on both sides of the bridge.

The best views of the Golden Gate bridge

The best views of the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco It has two reference icons that we should not miss, the Alcatraz island and of course he Golden gate. The latter can be visited in several ways and in my case it is the most Sunday of them all, which was nothing more than walking through the main lookouts. However, I have kept for the next time renting a bicycle at the Embarcadero and doing the classic route to Sausalito, returning back by boat.

Golden Gate by Bike

Below I detail the two viewpoints we visited.

Battery spencer

After a visit toMuir Woods, a redwood forest famous for the filming of modern Planet of the Apes, we decided to return to San Francisco for the famous Golden Gate Bridge This bridge has multiple viewpoints from which you can take the typical snapshot that we will show to all our friends and personally I keep two, Battery spencer (North) and Vista Point (South), lying on each end of the bridge.

Golden Gate from Battery Spencer

To get to this first viewpoint,Battery spencer we can do it by car, by bike and for the most daring on foot from Sausalito. By car from San Francisco we would get free, those who come by Sausalito in this same medium or right with the exit of the highway or enter the bridge without return option and paying the Toll correspondent. This I comment because we saw a few cars reversing on the highway ...

This viewpoint is probably the most beautiful of all, we can also make a small trekking route which would lead us to several additional viewpoints. However, it has a small problem and it is that to find a parking space we can have it very complicated because of the shortage of spaces there are.

Battery spencer

When I arrived at the viewpoint I had barely read anything about the bridge, it is what a work trip has and not pleasure ... and I was quite surprised to see the missile batteries stationed on both sides of the bridge, only this one, that of Battery Spencer, It is the best preserved.

This battery was built in the late 19th century and disassembled in the middle of the Second World War. Perhaps because they assumed that a Japanese or German ship would not have what it had to have to bomb the US, although probably because of the antiquity of the cannons.

Golden Gate Vista Point or Battery Lancaster

On the south side is Vista Point, another viewpoint of the Golden Gate. I visited this viewpoint a week later and took a risk arriving by car after catching a jam of scandal. Luckily there are several indications warning the last exit before crossing the bridge but would have had an afternoon not to remember.

Like the other viewpoint, there is a small battery of name Battery Lancaster, which has a series of indications for us to know its history. In addition to this we have bathrooms, a souvenir shop and a cafeteria so at first glance, this viewpoint is more important than the previous one ... Of course, we can get here by bus number 28.

Golden Gate Bridge from Vista Point

In order not to lose the habit, there are few parking spaces, something more than in Battery Spencer, only in this case it is payment.

Marshall beach

On the other side of the bridge, from the side of Vista Point, there is a wonderful beach of difficult access where you have views from the beach itself. To get to it, just go with the car until two free parking that is on the other side of the bridge and look for a path that goes down to the beach.

The best views of the Golden Gate bridge

The Golden Gate at night

Seeing it at night is an experience. To begin we remove the agglomerations and problems to park. Then we have the icing on the cake, the bridge fully lit with the city skyscrapers in the background.

The best views of the Golden Gate bridge

Golden Gate is not the only bridge

He had always thought that the Golden Gate was the only bridge that San Francisco had. Nothing is further from reality, but there is one similar to the Golden Gate, the Oakland Bay Bridge This is altogether longer than the mythical bridge since it is divided into two sections, separated by Treasure Island

Oakland Bay Bridge

Maybe without him Red color It no longer has much charm and the truth is not worth approaching. Our option was to spot it from the Coit Tower, without first bringing some water because the cost to climb is the championship.

Practical information to visit the Golden Gate

When to go?

San Francisco has a mild climate for most of the year. In fact it hasn't snowed since 1976 and he did it alone in the hills of Twin peaks. However they have a problem and it is that of the fog. This appears due to an atmospheric element that lowers temperatures and increases ambient humidity. This can really be fought with a little coat, but we can crush our long-awaited photo of the Golden Gate. When it usually appears the most is during the months of summer for about 5 hours and sometimes practically all day.

How to get?

Do not think about it, although arriving by car is easy, the ideal is to do it in bike. You rent one at the Embarcadero and do the classic route Saint Francisco - Sausalito. At Vista Point viewpoint we can reach the bus number 28 from San Francisco.

Where to park?

View point It has a small paid parking for about 40 vehicles. Instead Battery spencer It hardly has a 10-seater line that is always crowded, so you will have to wait for someone to leave a free place, unless you are cautious and get up early. Fool the last one !!

How much do we have to pay?

It depends, if you go by bicycle then what the rent of this costs (about 35$) and the return boat ticket from Sausalito (10$). Ferries leave every hour or 1h30 '.

By car you just have to remember that tolls are only paid at the entrance of the city, not the exit.

Where to sleep?

These are our recommendations on when quality price in San Francisco

Low price from € 60

  • North Beach 5 min from Chinatown.
  • Aida Plaza. In the center with an interesting aesthetic.

Half price

  • Large square. In the middle of Chinatown.
  • Motel 6. In the downtown, with a very American style.

High price

  • Argonaut hotel. Simply spectacular. Facing the bay
  • Hilton Square Of the most luxurious in the city ...

Other fantastic places near San Francisco?

  • Hiking through Pinnacles National Park : route through the national park closest to the city.
  • Muir Woods : the closest redwood forest visited from San Francisco.
  • Whale Watching in Monterrey.
  • Alcatraz Island in San Francisco.
  • Big Basin Redwoods : If Muir woods fell short, this is your place.

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