7 reasons that will make you visit Moscow and St. Petersburg


Moscow and St. Petersburg Sometimes the reasons why a vacation becomes a nice memory They are for purely emotional reasons. There are destinations that just after a few days already transmit good sensations. It does not matter the kilometers traveled by its streets and the fatigue that you accumulate every day, simply what you see you like and above all it excites you. Not everything in life is a good selfie if you don't know what is behind that monument or that avenue. For a country, a landscape or a city to fall in love you have to give several good reasons for your return to be more than a good one photo collection. That is why the reasons that come next are not as simple as one can think, since all of them form an almost perfect trip to two cities that we believe you have to know at least once in your life.

Our 7 reasons - Moscow and St. Petersburg

1The story

Moscow and St. Petersburg may be two very different cities, but both are considered as part of the main pillars of Russian history. Moscow It represents the communist explosion in its purest essence, clearly reflected in the design of its streets and in its eccentric architecture. Moscow has buildings of colossal dimensions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or your own Moscow University. Apart, the Red Square, the center of any war or power demonstration, hosts parades every year that show us the most lethal armament of "Mother Russia."

Moscow - Temple of Christ the Savior

On the other hand, St. Petersburg is a city with a history much more linked to the monarchy and the Czars, in fact it was the capital until the Russian Revolution in the early twentieth century, but before this happened its rulers left a legacy worthy of what they They were, kings.

St. Petersburg - Peter and Paul Fortress

The Palaces asPeterhof or Catherine's in Pushkin demonstrate the true power of that empire, since few palaces in the world outperform them in beauty. You may think that such a deployment of resources is excessive and even obscene, but at least it is a way to realize that those rich czars lived in an era that today could be considered almost unreal. Not everyone has the possibility of having a palace for parties, orgies and the most curious needs. Not all of us have dozens of lakes and forests for the enjoyment of a few.

St. Petersburg - Pushkin

Apart from the monarchical past is the time of the great wars and especially that of the Second World War, marking a before and after in St. Petersburg. In that war the city was besieged for 900 days by the German army condemning it to hunger and ostracism. It is said that there were cases of cannibalism, demonstrating that impotence, isolation and lack of food can make the human being real barbarities.

The Germans not only occupied much of Russia, but also looted what was left of the splendid palaces of the ancient czars. Luckily for the story Stalin I order shortly before the invasion hide and remove the great jewels of the past empire. As a curiosity Hitler He wanted to celebrate in Peterhof the invasion in Russia, but such hatred I profess that situation to Stalin that he ordered to bomb that palace by depriving Russia of its own historical legacy. It is an anecdote, but although today it is practically restored, the fire took more than a true memory for an outburst of anger.

If you travel, do not hesitate to know the history of the destination before, it will make your eyes richer and above all, it will fill you with new experiences.

2 The vastness

Russia is a synonym of immensity, we speak with difference from largest country in the worldAnd why not, if a country is immense, can its citizens not give them to build big? Moscow is one of the greatest examples of immensity. It is a relatively new city, since in its origins it was a city born of wood and destroyed by a little french which gave him to invade Europe back in the 19th century. But after being besieged and burned Moscow it resurfaced from its ashes like the Phoenix Bird and with the arrival of communism they were erected Great avenues, some with more than 16 lanes, and buildings that rivaled those of New York in the 30s. Everything is huge, apples are worthy of a "half marathon." A walk is a journey, to visit the terrace of a skyscraper is to climb a mountain, everything is huge, and it is perhaps because of those monstrosities that cities like Moscow attract attention and seem somewhat different and at the same time so attractive.

Moscow - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

3 Beauty

If we talk about beauty to many, Paris comes to mind, and this is perhaps why they call St. Petersburg east paris. Many times I say that traveling helps you capture knowledge and true opinion, but the truth is that there are many places in the world that stand out above the rest only because of their accessibility or geographical location. If St. Petersburg were in central Europe and I did not have winters that you did not want or your worst enemy, I am almost certain that it could be mentioned as many times as Paris, and therefore, they would not hesitate to say that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

St. Petersburg as its surroundings gather so much art that few cities can shade it, and besides, it has the condition of having one of the best museums in the world, the Hermitage, housed inside an authentic palace. Is not St. Petersburg alone a work of art?

St. Petersburg - Peterhof

4The adventure

When talking about an adventure trip, you usually don't associate it with visits to cities like Berlin, London or Rome, but rather to the mountains or any destination that has contact with nature or sports. But Russia, how can it happen with China or JapanIt can be a permanent headache if you don't clear up with your language or with your calligraphy, since they do not speak English or Spanish and their calligraphy will cost to interpret. So how do you make yourself understood or how do you orientate yourself? Well, here comes the adventure, because without it, the trip could lose its grace. Not everything in this life can make it easy for you.

St. Petersburg - Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

5 The future

Moscow is the true reflection of Russian and financial power. Since some years west of the Russian capital An almighty financial center capable of dealing with the skyscrapers of Hong Kong or Singapore is being built. Whoever visited this city a few years ago might not give credit to what he can see today, but what is better, whoever visits Moscow in the next five years will see a totally different city. Moscow begins to look at the sky and does not want to be left behind in the hegemony of the great skyscrapers.

Moscow - Skyline

6The night

There are cities, especially the big modern cities, where the night makes them really different. Moscow like St. Petersburg is not far behind, since the night transforms them and makes them even more alive. Moscow is a large nightclub nursery and rooftop restaurants With really amazing views. St. Petersburg instead illuminates places like the Hermitage, Admiralty or St. Isaac's Cathedral among others, inviting you to go out every night and see them from a different perspective.

St. Petersburg

Impressive to see the great buildings, palaces, churches or museums illuminated with the arrival of the night. The night is no longer for the "nocturnal animals", the night in Moscow and St. Petersburg is for everyone.

St. Petersburg - The Admiralty

7 Religion

For Catholics and Protestants the world orthodox It can hit us a little. Churches and cathedrals without banks where you can sit, paintings or murals in any recess, and what is better, an architecture full of color with somewhat oriental features.

Moscow - Saint Basil

The St. Basil's Cathedral It is one of those unique buildings that “endured” Napoleon's envy after that fire of 1812 that ended almost all of Moscow. The Red Square, where the cathedral resides, would be a desert surrounded by “gray” buildings if it weren't for those domes full of color.

In St. Petersburg is theChurch of the Savior on Spilled Blood, a name as long as the sighs that tourists leave when they see it for the first time. Judge yourselves, but without religion these works of art would not be among us today.

St. Petersburg - Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

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