What to see in Cartagena (the old town and surroundings)


Cartagena has always been a city with an impressive history, but the passage of time, its decline and perhaps, an excessive construction, has taken away all that prominence it deserves. Being honest I didn't expect a city like that, I expected less from his old town, but after strolling through its streets is when you realize that this city was not only large, but still retaining a small charm that you have to know.

What to see in Cartagena

Visiting Cartagena

Cartagena is one of the jewels of Murcia. It is full of ruins or monuments from the time of Roman empire as well as narrow streets and beautiful squares where a somewhat decadent architecture and poorly maintained still retains its charm. In Cartagena you have to get carried away. In the middle of the morning you can tour the entire old town, the port and see such enigmatic places as the Roman Theater. The old town is small, but easy to travel thanks to its beautiful squares and pedestrian streets.


For those who go from shopping is the main Street, with the main franchises, some of them in beautiful buildings. From this street stands the Town Hall Square with the Town Hall, not far from the port.

  1. Roman theatre
  2. Walk through the port (along Muralla del Mar street)
  3. Roman Forum Neighborhood
  4. Squares of the old town
  5. Cartagena Cathedral

1 Roman Theater

Located on a high hill with capacity for more than 7,000 spectators, the Roman Theater is the jewel of Cartagena. It has been 30 years since it was decided to restore the theater, partly under the old Cathedral but above all, under one of the city's old neighborhoods.

Cartagena Roman Theater
Cartagena Roman Theater
  • Schedule. From Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (until 6 p.m. in winter)
  • Price of admission. € 6 (€ 3 retirees and students)

2 Walk through the port (along Muralla del Mar street)

The walk along Muralla del Mar street is a very pleasant walk along the wall between palm trees and period buildings. It develops through a large park and you can even reach the main street.

Sea wall

3 Roman Forum Neighborhood

The Barrio del Foro Romano is one of the largest urban archeological parks from Spain. In it you can find the old roads of Carthago Nova or tour different environments such as the thermal springs of the port, the banquets that took place in the Roman Empire or the Atrium Building with its high walls and pictorial decorations.

Roman Forum Neighborhood

4 squares of the old town

The Plaza de San Francisco, San Ginés, Plaza del Rey or Plaza de San Sebastián, are several examples of places to visit in Cartagena. Most of them are on pedestrian or commercial roads. For us both the San Francisco like the Saint Sebastian They are our favorites.


5 Cartagena Cathedral

Next to the Roman Theater is the Cathedral of Cartagena. Although its state is not ideal, it is one of the places to visit in Cartagena. Being between buildings and its poor condition, it does not stand out too much, but it is a must see in the city.

Cartagena surroundings

The Calblanque Beaches

In the middle of Costa Cálida there is a natural paradise such as the beaches of Calblanque. Without a doubt they are the most impressive and beautiful beaches in the region of Murcia. We talked about them in an article dedicated to the beaches of Calblanque.

Beaches in Calblanque

Cabo de Palos and the Mar Menor

It is possibly one of the best known places in Murcia, Cabo de Palos, besides being a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Cabo de Palos

Portman Port

The remains of the old Portman mines are worth a visit. They were part of the history of the area and there have been enigmatic buildings that have given another color, for better and for worse, to the surroundings of the Murcian coast.


Castillitos Battery

The entire Murcian coast is full of military fortifications, such as the Battery of Castillitos. In addition to being in locations with wonderful views, the remains themselves, some very recent, have galleries, and even old canyons.

Castillitos Battery

Practical data

How to get?

From places like Madrid the only way is by bus with Alsa, BlaBlaCar or by AVE to Alicante and then bus or car rental.

Where to eat?

Here are several interesting places.

  • The lead soldier. Ideal for a coffee.
  • La Catedral restaurant. Excellent restaurant next to the Roman Theater and the Cathedral. Reserve
  • Winery the source. Very good. Tapas, the best
  • Magoga Restaurant. Possibly the best restaurant in the city. Prepare the wallet ...

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