Hobbiton Movie Set. Visit to the town of Hobbits


For a few years Hobbiton Movie Set has become one of the most visited places in New Zealand. Visit aHobbits town you don't do it every day and when you're a fan of Tolkienand movies like The Lord of the rings wave The Hobbit TrilogyIt is inevitable that sooner or later you want to visit this magical place.

We have been fortunate to be able to visit New Zealand more than once, and on all occasions we have inevitably visited the house of Bilbo Baggins.

Do not forget to see the Video of our visit. This is how you can get to the idea how this hobbit town really is

Hobbiton Movie Set, movie set

How did this place come about?

After a short trip from Routuroa by motorhome we arrived at Matamata, where we had Booked in advance the visit to the village of the hobbits. Last time we almost missed it, since it has become so fashionable that you have to buy tickets in advance.

As the visits are guided, they leave every hour to the famous farm where the Hobbit village is located, farm that discovered one morning Peter Jackson when about flying by helicopter the area looking for scenarios for the first trilogy. He liked that green meadow and the small lake so much that I have no doubt in making an offer to Alexander, the farmer who looked after these idyllic green meadows.

Hobbiton Movie Set
Hobbiton Movie Set

Months later, with the agreement of “exploitation” of the signed place,Peter Jackson with the help of New Zealand army He built a dirt road to give access to the future shooting set, as it was almost inaccessible.

Departure by bus

Nervous at the entrance of Hobbiton Movie Set, we were waiting for the bus that left for Alexander's old farm. Like everything in New Zealand everything was very organized. A bus with the screenprint of Hobbiton and some brochures explaining the history and all the holes (hobbit houses).

Hobbit houses
Hobbit houses

It took us about 10 minutes to the Hobbit town, a town that you hardly see until you reach the parking lot. You must be so studied, that in order to see free some hobbit house It is practically impossible.

Visit to the town of Hobbits

Once in the town the visit gave its true beginning. Practically the whole tour is guided, with a guide that explains the history of the venue, its transformation, filming and the world of Tolkien. The truth is that the guides we saw were super delivered, like Disney's style in their theme parks.

The tour was made through a path from where you can see house by house, that if from the outside, of different sizes. Many of the hobbit size and many others almost the size of a person. Filming stuff, all so that the special effects come out first.

Clothesline Hobbit
Hobbiton Movie Set

Next to the houses you can see small gardens and hobby orchards, with fruits and vegetables lying and even jars of honey or clotheslines. Unfortunately the houses cannot be visited inside, since they are only facades on a green hill. Only one or two can be seen inside, but only if you are going to hold an event.

Hobbiton Movie Set
Hobbiton Movie Set

In the middle of the town there is a small lake and in the background a huge tree which presides over the entire town, an artificial tree adorned with thousands of plastic sheets that really look like. An engineering work for those who have put them :).

The Green Dragon Tavern

At the end of the visit to Hobbiton Movie Set wait for the famous Green Dragon Tavern, where you can have a beer among several types that give you a choice. It is a cozy place, with its fireplace and sofas.

Green dragon tavern
Hobbit mill

What other things can you do?

Less magic almost everything in the hobbit town. You can celebrate your wedding, spend a night, make a company dinner or a birthday, almost everything is possible, but of course, who can travel to New Zealand only for these types of events ?. 🙂

Hobbit houses
Hobbiton Movie Set

Practical data

Before leaving for New Zealand

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  • New Zealand map

When to go to Hobbiton Movie Set?

Being located on the north island, not far from the sea, the weather is usually mild so we can visit it at any time of the year.

How to get?

You will need a good map or GPS since the signs are not found until 15km before Hobbiton. Anyway there are buses that take you from Kill Kill andRoturoa They leave every 30min / 1h.

Hobbiton Movie Set: 501 Buckland Rd, Hinuera, Matamata 3400, New Zealand

How much?

The prices for Hobbiton of 2016 are 80$ per person. We know it is expensive, but it is the land of hobbits. Yes, book early, tickets are sold out.

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Summary In short accounts in a recommended place. If we have to talk about something negative, it would be the theme of being guided, its high price and how short the visit is made, 2h, since more than one sure you would like to enjoy more time in the house of hobbies. 79 %
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