What to see in Indonesia in 15 days (Sulawesi - Bali - Java)


Our first trip to Indonesia we seek to enter the most unusual culture, in the seabed of Sulawesi, the everlasting Bali and in the culture and volcanoes of the island of Java. Indonesia is a huge country, where you can do tens and tens of different itineraries. Thousands of islands, islands that each has its own particularity. We chose three, Sulawesi, Bali and Java, but remember, in Indonesia few itineraries are the same.

What to see in Indonesia in 15 days

Main places to visit

In summary, these are the main places to visit in Indonesia. In the route that we are going to tell you below it consists of the places that we could see in Sulawesi, Bali and Java moving by bus and plane.

  • Jakarta
  • Sulawesi
    • Manado
    • Pulau Bunaken
    • Macassar
    • Tana Toraja
  • Bali
    • Pure Desa
    • Ubud Monkey Forest
    • Tanah Lot
    • Pure Taman Ayun
    • Denpasar
  • Java
    • Kawah Ijen
    • Mount bromine
    • Yogyakarta
    • Borobudur
    • Sewu
    • Bandung

Route map

Map of the route in Indonesia

Route for two and a half weeks

Indonesia is a complex country to tour the huge distances that there are between the different islands, so you have to be clear about which islands you are going to visit before leaving. If you are clear about the itinerary it is better to book flights with the local companies, which you can see in Skycanner, otherwise the price may be higher at the last moment.

Day 1 - Jakarta - Manado - Pulau Bunaken

From Jakarta we take a flight to Manado and then take a small boat to the Pulau Bunaken National Park, one of the best places for scuba diving in Indonesia.

  • Flight Jakarta - Manado
  • Herd - Pulau Bunaken
  • Accommodation at Sea Breeze Resort (with diving club)

Day 2 and 3 - Pulau Bunaken

Pulau Bunaken is a place to rest and especially to dive. There we spent days in wooden cabins by the sea. We visit several islands, dive day and night. We went into the jungle to discover small villages and schools where they welcomed us with open arms. Pulau Bunaken is definitely a little paradise.

Sea Breeze Resort, from the cabin
Pulau Bunaken

More information in our article on diving in Pulau Bunaken.

Day 4 - Pulau Bunaken - Manado - Makassar

Sulawesi is huge and when you have a few days the best way to get around is by plane. Our next destination was Tana Toraja, in the middle of Sulawesi, but accessing from Manado the thing was not easy, so we opted to take a plane to Makassar, see the city and Fort Rotterdam and the next day take a transport to Tana Toraja.

  • Pulau Bunaken - Manado by boat
  • Airplane from Manado to Makassar
  • Fort Roterdam and city tour (there is little to see)
  • Accommodation at Breeze Place Residence for € 15

Day 5 - Macasar - Tana Toraja

The next day I played a long trip to Tana Toraja. Despite the road under construction, the landscape and mountains make this trip enjoyable. Tana Toraja hides authentic wonders and amazing landscapes. We expected to visit some funeral rite and a trekking for its rounded mountains.

  • Makassar - Tana Toraja
  • Accommodation in Sadid Toraja for € 30

Day 6 and 7 - Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is another world. Its western culture leaves it stone. The mass sacrifices They are not suitable for all audiences. The houses with extravagant shapes and the landscape of rounded hills make one of the most spectacular places in Indonesia. Recommended, the trekking that we did, one of the most incredible experiences we have lived.

Tana Toraja
Tana Toraja

More information in our article two day visit to Tana Toraja.

Day 8 - Tana Toraja - Macasar

To return from Tana Toraja we take a bus to Macasar and then a plane to Denpasar, Bali, where we find a spectacular attic for 4 people at an incredible price.

  • Tana Toraja - Macasar
  • Makassar - Denpasar
  • Accommodation inBali

Day 9 and 10 - Bali

In Balialquila we rent a car and tour the island for two days, two days we visit the most famous temples and the wildest interior of the island. The reality is that two days are very few, but at least we get good memories of Bali.

  • Denpasar (not worth anything)
  • Pure Desa
  • Ubud Monkey Forest
  • Indoor markets
  • Tanah Lot
  • Pure Taman Ayun

Bali Island, Indonesia

Day 11 - Bali - Java

We leave Bali taking a bus towards Java, then take the ferry that connects both islands. There we expected a transport that we hired, since in this part of the trip we multiplied up to 7 or 8 :). One of the most unique and sad volcanoes on the planet awaited us the next day.

  • Bali - Java
  • Base camp in Kawah Ijem
  • Accommodation at Pondok Pinang Homestay for € 20

Day 12 - Kawah Ijen - Probolinggo

The Kawah Ijen has come out in a lot of documentaries because of the way it exploits people who work by removing sulfur from their guts. Besides, that turquoise blue of the crater impresses with its strong contrast. Undoubtedly, next to Mount Bromo, it is a place that does or should be known.

Kawah Ijen, the mine
Kawah Ijen

More information in our article on the ascent to Kawah Ijen

Day 13 - Probolinggo - Monte Bromo

Road day to the slopes of Mount Bromo. It goes from 28 degrees to 10 degrees, so prepare the coat. Luckily, they rent it there, because not everyone wears a coat or feathers to Indonesia.

  • Probolingo - Monte Bromo
  • Mountain village
  • Accommodation at Bromo Terrace for € 55

Day 14 - Monte Bromo

If it is not the most spectacular, it is close, but for us the sunrise on Mount Bromo is one of the most beautiful sunrises that can be seen. A different place, as if it were Mars or another planet.

In the afternoon we depart to Yogykarta, a long car trip, but the only way to get to see Borobudur, one of the jewels of Java.

Monte Bromo, Javier Blanquer
Mount bromine

More information in our article on the ascent to Monte Bromo

Day 15 and 16 - Yogykarta, Borobudur and surroundings

Java, with the exception of volcanoes and Borobudur, seemed to us to be an especially populated and crowded island. Cement and cement everywhere. Borobudur and surroundings are a breath to the infinite low houses that are seen around Yogykarta.

  • Borobudur
  • Sewu
  • Accommodation at Hotel Indies Heritage Prawirotaman for € 30


Day 17 - Yogykarta - Jakarta

Back home, but yes, passing through the city of copies and shopping centers, the city of Bandung (requires one more day).

Practical data

Before leaving for Indonesia

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