How to go from New York airport to downtown (JFK, Guard and Newark)


If you plan to visit the Big Apple, one of the things you are going to look at is how to go from the New York airport to downtown. New York still feel one of the destinations with more tourism in the world and several of its airports host much of the flights that come from Europe to visit the United States. But which airport is more interesting? Is there transportation to the center? We will try to solve these doubts so that you have the most practical and most comfortable trip.

How to go from New York airport to downtown

Which airport to choose?

Experience tells us that there are three key things in choosing the airport. The first is the ticket cost, the second, in combination with the first, how much will it cost you to get to the hotel where you stay, and the last time, since it is important to know how long it will take or how long You will lose until you reach the hotel.

Traffic jams in New York, a classic

With these combinations calculate if you compensate the plane ticket with the transport and especially, where is your hotel, since depending on the chosen means (bus, transfer ...), it will be cheaper or more expensive.

Distance to center

Getting from the New York airport to downtown is easier than it seems, although each airport is at a different point in the city. Both JFK and La Guardia are in long Island, and Newark in New Jersey, as you can see, none of them in Manhattan.

  • Newark. 22km and 30 minutes by car or 45 minutes by bus
  • JFK. 25km and 45 minutes by car or 45 minutes by bus. There is option of subway connected with Air Train
  • The guard. 15km and 30 minutes by car or 35 minutes by bus

Distances and times are average, it all depends on New York traffic

Transportation at each airport

Common transport

The fastest and most comfortable option, especially if you travel several, are the airport transfer services, something that is very fashionable for its comfort and price. They look for you at the door, you forget, there is no problem with the language and you have no problems with the taxi driver or with public transport, it is a door-to-door and private service.

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Taxi, Uber, Bus or Metro

He cab It is a very requested option but be careful, it is expensive and you have to be careful. Since Newark about $ 100, good stick, JFK amounts from $ 75, since there are many tolls, and since The guard About $ 50, as it is closer. It clearly makes up for the previous one, the transfer service. In the case of UBER You can see the price in advance, see here, but usually round at the same price as the Taxi.

A taxi in Manhattan

He subway or train It depends on each airport. In Newark there is the option of Air train and with it the connection with the trains that are going to Penn Station in Manhattan, NJ Transit or Antrak trains. If you have the hotel near the great station, since the transfer will cost about $ 15 per person. Ideal for travelers with little luggage or alone. In the case of JFK this is the cheapest option but also the slowest. For about $ 8 per person you travel downtown. You can take the Air Train to Howard Beach or Sutphin Blvd and from there take the subway. In the Guard there is no Air Train or subway.

In the case of bus compensates only in La Guardia. In La Guardia for only $ 2 you can reach the center by bus. The bus is the M60, which leaves you in Manhattan between Broadway and 116.


Make your numbers how to go from the New York airport to the center and depending on the number of people you are and the airport, it will compensate you one way or another. We recommend the transferFor what has been said above, it is comfortable and you know what it will cost you beforehand, that if, if you travel alone, your budget is very limited and luggage is minimal, the best option will always be public transport.

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