What to see in Cordoba in two days (Restaurants and monuments)


The city of Córdoba is a city where the Romans, Muslims and Christians have left an immense mark on history and that hides treasures and secrets for a unique visit. Never disappointsThere is a lot to see in Córdoba, and not only that, you can taste and enjoy the best typical dishes of Andalusia. Enjoy our mini guide, that you are really going to discover one of the jewels of Spain and Andalusia.

Before leaving for Córdoba

A little history

Córdoba over the centuries has been collecting both architectural and cultural vestiges. Since Roman times, with that great exponent such as the Roman Bridge over the Guadalquivir River, the muslim, where the spectacular Mosque stands out, or the Christian, which opens the doors to a palatial era where Austrias and the Bourbons They left important footprints in the city.

Cordoba history
Mosque of Cordoba

Any visit to Córdoba is like merging several cultures, especially the one that mixes Muslim and Christian in several of the most important monuments of the city. We recommend ten, ten places to see in Córdoba, yes or yes.

Cordoba in two days (10 TOP places)

10 places you can't miss

We have selected 10 places to see in Córdoba and that you can see without problem if you visit the city two days or a weekend, take note:

  1. Alcazar of the Christian kings
  2. Mosque of Cordoba
  3. Roman Bridge of Córdoba
  4. Calahorra Tower
  5. Sliding Square
  6. Alleys of the Jewish quarter and Calleja de las Flores
  7. Cordoba Synagogue
  8. Viana Palace
  9. Palace of Mercy
  10. Plaza del colro

See plans and tours in Córdoba
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What to see in Córdoba

1 Alcazar of the Christian Kings

In front of the Guadalquivir we have the majestic Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, where water is the protagonist. Crowd of sources, a beautiful garden and a Museum This is what you can see in one of the most emblematic places of Córdoba.

Alcazar of the Christian kings
Alcazar of the Christian kings
  • Entry: 4,50€

2 Mosque of Cordoba

Without a doubt one of the things to see in Córdoba is its mosque, World Heritage and one of the most important monuments of Muslim Spain. It is an example of a combination between a spectacular mosque and a great cathedral, both between mixed in a two different times but that have been able to unite the best of two religions. It is a real wonder.

Mosque of Cordoba
Mosque of Cordoba
Mosque of Cordoba

One of the most interesting points of the Mosque-Cathedral are the number of doors it has, each with its own history (recommended guided tour) and do not forget to visit the Shrine Chapel, with paintings from the 16th century. It is an authentic work of art that for many goes unnoticed to be in a corner, the southwest corner of the Mosque.

Shrine Chapel
Mosque of Cordoba

We recommend that you buy tickets online if you wish to make a guided visit or through automatic machines if you go free. Watch out for the high season, since the lines can be very large and the capacity can be limited.

  • Entry: € 8 adults and € 4 retired / children
  • Schedule: 08:30 to 19h

3 Roman Bridge of Córdoba

Our hotel, the NH Córdoba Guadalquivir, was on the other side of the Guadalquivir, so every day we had to cross the river by the Roman Bridge of Córdoba. For us, this hotel in addition to having the best views of the city, its location is perfect, as it is only 5 minutes from downtown without the noise of it.

Roman Bridge of Córdoba

4 Calahorra Tower

At one end of the Roman Bridge of Córdoba is the Calahorra Tower, a 12th century tower with a very simple objective, to defend against one of the entrances of the city of Córdoba. From the left bank of the river, for us, this is one of the best views of Córdoba.

Calahorra Tower

5 Sliding Square

The Plaza de la Corredera is one of the classic ones in Córdoba. Something more secluded, but with terraces with round prices to have some tapas and just to sunbathe next to a good beer. This main square, whose origin dates back to the 17th century, is the single home run from Andalusia This square has hosted a hat factory from a prison.

Sliding Square

6 Callejones de la Judería and Calleja de las Flores

Every May begins the popular patio party in Córdoba, where every corner of the city competes to have the most beautiful balconies, patios and flowers in the city. Among them, the call stands out Calleja de las Flores, but among us, any street of Córdoba in the flower season will dazzle you the same and even more.


7 Cordoba Synagogue

It is not one of the most visited monuments in Cordoba, but if you are interested in the Jewish history of the city, this is the biggest point of reference. We speak of a 14th-century Mudejar-style synagogue declares good cultural interest. The admission is free.

8 Viana Palace

12 courtyards adorn the most beautiful palace in Córdoba. Among its sober white walls and balconies where you can see those courtyards where some are decorated with long fountains. They emphasize perhaps the smaller patios, devised by the Counts of Torres Cabrera.

You can visit both inside and inside patios separately, but if there is a place to enjoy this palace, it is undoubtedly its exterior, those colorful courtyards.

Viana Palace
Viana Palace
  • Entry: 8€

9 Palace of Mercy

La Merced Palace, former convent of La Merced Calzada, is the seat of the Provincial Council of Córdoba. It has one of the most beautiful facades of Córdoba thanks to that somewhat unique baroque style. HePalace of Mercy It was built in the 18th century, where the main cloisterand its baroque fountain of black marble, as well as the imperial marble staircase. Admission is free.

Palace of Mercy

10 Plaza del Potro

Next to the Plaza del Potro there are several alleys where there are several places to have some good tapas and even one of the most original courtyards from the city, a patio with a more peasant air and wooden balconies.

Next to the Plaza del Potro
Next to the Plaza del Potro

One of the classic excursions from Cordoba is Medina Azahara, an ancient Arab city that reflects the grandeur that was Al Andalus

Practical data

Before leaving for Córdoba

  • Search and compare flights at the best price
  • Lonely Planet Guide
  • Airport Transfers
  • Car rental found a 15% discount
  • The best excursions in the area

When to go?

Both the Easter, the fair or as the courtyards contest They are three of the busiest events but also the most colorful in order to get to know Córdoba. At the beginning of May in Córdoba the courtyards competition is held, and by the end of the fair, so if you decide to go on those dates, important, book early.

Plans, tours or guided tours

In Córdoba it is possible to see the many places with specialist guides, enjoy dinner with show, bike or Segway tours or discover roncones like Medina Azahara. Do you feel like discovering what you can do in Córdoba?

See plans and tours in Córdoba

Eating in Córdoba

Typical dishes

A visit to Córdoba always has to satisfy the stomach. Typical avocados like the flamingo, white garlic or salmorejo can never be missing. Don't stop trying them.

Recommended restaurants

We leave several of the restaurants that most caught our attention, in more than one we even repeated :).

  • Victory Market. A new market with lots of tapas and even eat a good hamburger.
  • La Flamenka. We repeat twice, imagine why ...
  • The River Tavern, not far from Plaza del Potro
  • Ribera Sojo, next to river, a good place to take a Gin Tonic

Where to sleep in Córdoba?

  • NH Córdoba Guadalquivir. It has a spectacular summer terrace, with views of the river and the Roman Bridge of the best in Córdoba
  • Something different apartments. They have several apartments in the center and very well equipped
  • Soho Boutique Cappuccinos. Impressive, without words, of the most spectacular of Córdoba