Five places to take a night photography in Madrid


Taking a night photograph in Madrid is taking one of the most beautiful memories of the capital. We can criticize Madrid many things, but since it has become more cosmopolitan Tourism has smiled again. Fantastic nightlife, high gastronomic quality and many events that give life to one of the cities with greater cultural diversity of Europe. Today we see it at night, because Madrid if there is something that differentiates it from the rest of the European capitals is that there is still life.

A night photography route in Madrid

Madrid is not famous for having pedestrian streets, quite the opposite, but it is true that in recent years it has taken a turn prioritizing the pedestrian in front of the car. There are new pedestrian areas and the center has resurfaced. We propose you to make a beautiful route for you to practice night photography in Madrid, with a rest stage if your legs run out in a restaurant next to a privileged place, theZarzuela Theater.

The Debod Temple

Our route begins with a place product of aEgyptian government gift to Madrid, the Temple of Debod, one of Madrid's favorite spaces to enjoy a good sunset. Every night they illuminate it, but if you are lucky enough to coincide with many of the shows organized around it you will be fortunate to be able to enjoy colors like these. Madrid lends itself to night photography, and the Temple of Debod is a good example of that.

Debod Temple at night

The Almudena Cathedral

From the Temple of Debod we leave for the Almudena Cathedral, located in the middle ofPlaza de Oriente, in my view the most beautiful square in Madrid. At night both the cathedral and its neighbor on Royal Palace They are illuminated, so you can take two good night photographs of the capital. From here you can go to Arenal Street, a pedestrian path that ends at the Sun Gate, the epicenter of Madrid.

The Almudena Cathedral

The Gran Vía

From the Plaza de Oriente there is a long but beautiful walk to the Gran Vía. This whole tour is one of the most unique and at the same time more pictorial of Madrid. The Gran Vía is a unique space. I never get tired of walking through this street although it is crowded with tourists. If there is a symbol in this area of ​​Madrid, it is probably the Metropolis building, with that corner so groundbreaking.

The Gran Vía is the liveliest artery of Madrid in the city. Proof of this are the Carrión or Capitol building from the Plaza de Callao, the Spain Square and of course the corner of the Metropolis. If you want to take a good snapshot of this point in Madrid, stay next to the Circle of Fine Arts. Both from the narrow median that separates the beginning of Gran Vía with Calle de Alcalá and on the new and spectacular terrace of the Circle, the photographs that can be taken are of authentic postcard.

The Gran Vía at night.

Photography: Shutterstock

The Cibeles Fountain

The Cibeles Fountain is already visible in the background from the Metropolis Building. With the resurgence of terraces and penthouses in Madrid Many spaces have gained prominence. A good example is the Cibeles Fountain, a space we were used to seeing at night at street level and now you can enjoy from one of the terraces with the best views of Madrid, which is located on the old Communications palace.

Cibeles Fountain from the Palace of Communications

The Puerta de Alcalá

Going up Alcalá street we arrive at our last appointment, the Madrid gate, the Puerta de Alcalá. As a Madrid citizen or citizen of the world every time you visit Madrid at night, you check that depending on the season of the year the lighting or decoration of many monuments change. Depending on the season of the year, as Christmas time can happen, many of the monuments decorate them and especially fill them with much more life, light and color.

The Puerta de Alcalá is also an excellent point to take not only a panoramic view of the door but of the entire Alcalá street towards Gran Vía, with the Cibeles Fountain in the background and the beginning of Gran Vía with that building as spectacular as the Metropolis, an exponent of the urban resurgence of the early twentieth century in Madrid.

Puerto de Alcala at Christmas

A good place to dine

In the middle of the road and next toZarzuela Theater We have a new restaurant in Madrid with a very Castilian name, the Secret of Castile, but with influences both Mediterranean and northern Spain. You can have lunch or dinner a classic kid or piglet, but you can also enjoy lighter things from northern Spain such as Tuna or Hake. Every day it has a quality menu for € 11.50 and a top-notch menu with firsts around € 12 and seconds for € 19. A good choice to take a good memory of the national cuisine.

The Secret of Castile

Photography: Keys

By the way, you can enjoyspecial menus on days as marked as Valentine's Day or Father’s Day. Besides, being located in a somewhat hidden street, the street Jovellanos, you can enjoy tranquility in the center of Madrid.

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