9 places you should visit in Petra (and the Treasury)


All trip toJordan necessarily includes a visit to Petra and the treasure. A fascinating place built by the Nabateans with a chisel and a lot of effort. Something that still seems incredible to us today and that thanks to it has become one of the new 7 wonders of the modern world.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

Nine places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

One of us had already visited the city of the Nabateans (Petra) years ago. He had nothing but good comments about the place, augmented by temples as famous as the Treasury, immortalized in one of Indiana Jones' films. But Petra is not only the Treasury, it is a large area of ​​land that needs at least 2 days to be fully traveled. Plagued with temples and tombs on the 4 sides, it is an all-in-one who likes culture and wants to pair it with great hiking trails like the one that takes us to the small Petra.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

Petra today is a completely uninhabited city whose last inhabitants were displaced to the nearby town of Uum Sayhoun, separated from the tourist center of Wadi Musa, where the entire hotel offer of Petra is concentrated and the main access to it. Although there are several accesses, the only place where we can buy the ticket is in Wadi Musa, where we will have to choose between the options of 1, 2 or 3 days.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasure - Tumba del León

A map of the area will be delivered with our tickets but in my opinion, it is ideal to download an offline map such as the one from our smartphone, really useful and where all hiking trails are included.

How to tour the ruins of Petra

This is a tip that has come to us phenomenal after two days touring Petra. Ideally, leave the visitor center early and travel the almost 3 kilometers that separate it to the Treasury, previously passing through the Siq and a series of tombs. Depending on the month we are in, the sun will enter the Treasury around 09:00 onwards, being beyond 12 especially in the hottest months. Seeing it in shadow loses enough if charm.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

Once we clean the slime after seeing the treasure, we will follow the path through the street of the Facades, the nabatean theater, the street of communes, the Qasr al-Bint until you reach the river, where there are two restaurants for lunch. From there we will turn around and go straight to the royal tombs along a road parallel to the street of the columns. Once we have seen the royal tombs, we will arrive again at the street of the facades. Ideal time to climb to altar of sacrifices and watch the sunset

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

The next day we will focus on climbing to Monastery, thing that takes time. Summarizing a bit, the first day we will see points 1 to 9, except 8 and the next day we will see 8.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

With this introduction we go on to list the main places of the city of the Nabateans.

1 The Siq

Walk down the throat of Siq While listening to the footsteps of the horses, it is perhaps one of the most exciting moments in the city of Petra. One kilometer and two hundred meters of pleasure and anguish, for the simple reason of arriving at Al-Khazneh as soon as possible, commonly known as the Treasury.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

2 The Treasury

Exceeded the 1200 meters of the Siq We arrive at the main attraction of Petra, the Treasury. Immortalized in one of the films of Indiana Jones, where Indiana finds the holy grail through a wooden cup, is along with the Monastery, the best temple in Petra.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

It is usually crowded with tourists, especially in summer, yet it deserves to sit on the ground and spend a few minutes to such impressive beauty. In addition we can try to find the remains of shots that are in the upper part of the Treasury, where it was thought that there was a chest with a lot of wonders.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30 p.m. and optionally by 17JD, we can join the show of Petra by Night, where it is lit with candles all the way from the visitor center to the Treasury itself, where it ends with a small concert. In winter you can walk quietly through the Siq but under intense cold. In summer you have to book because we can run out of tickets.

It is recommended to visit in the morning, not later than 12 so that we can see the sun reflected on the temple.

3 Street of the Facades

As soon as we leave the Treasury we pass by Street of the Facades, where a large number of tombs and the detour to the altar of sacrifices. The latter is high on the mountain on a hiking trail of around 30/45 minutes.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

Right in front of the set of tombs built on several levels, there are several souvenir shops….

4 The Theater

Perfectly camouflaged on the mountain, the Nabatean theater of Petra It was built in the 1st century A.D. It is hard to see it from afar and when the midday sun burns the mountain wall it is barely noticeable.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

Initially it had capacity for 3000 people and later, based on destroying the tombs that were in its upper part, its final capacity amounted to 7000 people.

5 The altar of sacrifices

It is one of the most popular hiking trails in Petra, but if it is the case that you already know the Monastery, I would skip it directly. There are more relevant places than this and the views are not as fantastic as they are painted. Anyway, if you have plenty of time, it is a good option to kill the day.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

It takes at least 45 minutes to reach the top of the mountain where the altar is located. At 100 meters from this is the viewpoint of the photo above

6 Columnada Street

Following the main street after passing the Nabatean theater, we will have the opportunity to turn right towards the royal tombs. We will not skip this for the moment and leave it to the end, after all to return to our hotel we will have to tour the Siq again.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

After walking for a few minutes we will arrive at the street column, where two thousand years ago it was full of shops and public buildings of which today there are very few. We will have the main ones on our left after climbing a staircase.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

Perhaps the most representative is the door at the end of the street that communicates with the Qasr al-Bint.

7 Qasr al-Bint

Of all the buildings in Petra that were not built directly on the mountain, this is the only one that has remained standing and which was probably one of the most important in the city. Even earthquakes and frequent floods have failed with it.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

8 The Monastery

After a wonderful trekking of those who remove the hiccups, and not only for their demand but for the beauty of the environment, we will reach the Monastery. The temple that from my point of view is the most extraordinary of all Petra. The most lazy make use of donkeys to remove grace to the rise by some 5 / 10JDN.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

Its size is huge, highlighting its loneliness against the rest of Petra's temples. Definitely worth the effort to get here, about an hour and have a drink in the bar located strategically in front.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

9 The royal tombs

Back to Petra, since we have no choice but to return along the road already traveled, we will head towards royal tombs. However, if we are going to be in Petra for several days and we plan to visit Little petra and do the hiking trail to Petra, you will pass through the Monastery and you will save yourself the hard climb.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasure - Palace Tomb

The royal tombs are easily accessible by a path that leaves the byzantine church. This church rarely visited, has its floors brightly covered with mosaics.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury - Urn Tomb

The first grave we will see will be that of Sextius Florentinus, One of the Roman governors of the city. Later we will see the tomb of the Palace, that if it were not for erosion, it would surely compete for beauty with the treasure. Finally and after climbing some stairs, we will reach the urn tomb, the largest of all and that was renovated to be used as a Byzantine church.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

Visit after lunch to see the royal tombs lit by the sun.

Bonus Track Other places that might be of interest to you

A place built in the time after the origin of Petra is a byzantine church whose floor is full of beautiful mosaics, similar to those we can find in Madaba.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

Finally, at the entrance to Petra, before arriving at Siq, I recommend that you do not walk without haste and look at the graves that are on both sides of the road.

Places you should visit in Petra including the Treasury

Practical data

When to go to Petra?

JordanHe cheats and is not always a country as hot as he is painted. The winters They are cold, where sometimes snow falls and this makes tourism very very low and ideal for visiting the country. Spring brings the best weather and fields if they dye flowers. Summer, on the other hand, is extremely hot and for the last straw there is enough tourism.

How much does the Petra ticket cost?

There are several types of entry depending on whether you stay in Wadi Musa or not. If you sleep in Wadi Musa the price is 50/55 / ​​60JD If you go from 1 to 3 days. If you do not sleep in Wadi Musa the price is 90JD, a kind of punishment for coming from a cruise or because you are seeing things quickly and badly. The updated prices are in this page.

What to wear

In Petra the temperatures are very changing. Intense cold in winter and overwhelming heat in summer. These are some things you have to carry.

  • Long pants, thermal shirt and fleece (Winter only).
  • Shorts and t-shirt in spring / summer / autumn.
  • Cap against the incense sun.
  • Much water. There is not in all the route except in the restaurants and street stalls.
  • Winter hat and gloves.
  • Good onesBoots.
  • Optional trekking poles if you dare to do some trekking.

Where to eat in Petra?

  • Basin restaurant: open all year long. It is buffer type and has Wifi connection. Price 17JDN.
  • Natabatean Tent restaurant: Open only in high season. Price 10JDN.
  • Cave bar : Curious cocktail bar inside one of Petra's tombs. The shisha They are not very good. 5.5JDN the beer and 4JDN Shisha

Where to sleep?

In Wadi Musa there are offers for all tastes although we advise you to look for a hotel in the lower part so as not to have to take a taxi every day or give you a strong walk uphill.

  • Movenpick Petra: one of the best hotels in Wadi Musa and located at the same entrance to Petra. Its interior is spectacular and has a beautiful pool at the back.
  • La Maison hotel: quality of the best price and comfortable rooms at a good price.
  • Sharah Montains: good price but located in the high part.

Souvenirs in Petra

I'm not very souvenir but for example they sold pieces of ancient and legal pottery to 1 JDN. 3 magnets a 2JDN. The good ones to1 JDN each. Guide books to 10JDN although you must haggle as it can reach 5 JDN.

Trekking routes in Jordan

  • Jordan, hiking in Wadi Rum
  • Burdah Bridge, spectacular trekking in Wadi Rum

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