Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge, Arizona / Utah tour


Today we are going to tell you our experience after hiring a Lake Powell tour and the Rainbow Bridge. An indispensable trip and that due to lack of time or money, many travelers leave it as a pending subject. In our view it is a Monument Valley on water and your visit is essential.

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge (Utah) tour

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge tour

He lake Powell It is mainly in the state of Utah, United States, although its main access is from Arizona, specifically from the town of Page. There lives part of the tribe of Navajos, which one quickly realizes when walking through its streets. There are many churches, more than you might need and your school has a well-marked character, it seems another United States.

Map Lake Powell

This area is mainly known for two natural monuments of great importance. One isAntelope Canyon, a canyon divided into two parts and that is famous for its beautiful colors when the sun's rays pass through it. The other place is Glen Canyon and the spectacular meander of Horseshoe bend, an image that has gone around the world.

The most spectacular meander, the horseshoe bend (horseshoe bend)

Unfortunately, these two points discussed above are what most people usually visit. They make these visits very fast and shoot out at Monument Valley, a big mistake. Not only does Lake Powell serve for a good swim, it offers a trip that we shouldn't miss.

Our tour of Lake Powell

There are two ways to visit Lake Powell. One is renting a boat, which if you are many can go to account or as I did at the time, hire a tour. The excursion really is not cheap, in fact it leaves for something more than 120$, but in my case there were not many more options. This part of Wahpeap And since this jetty is within the limits of Lake Powell, you have to pay an extra fee that entitles you to take a dip in its warm waters.

In summer there are usually two options. The first part very early and is the least hot, therefore it is highly recommended. The bad thing about this is that the Rainbow bridge It is usually a little against the light. Instead the second option, you roast on the boat like a crab, but the light of the stone arch is fabulous. Priority issue.

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge (Utah) tour

Knowing this we take the first option, we turn to Wahpeap and the ship left on time. The light in the early morning is fabulous and the temperature accompanies to be out of the boat.

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge (Utah) tour

At the beginning we used the audio guides to learn a little about the history of the Lake, its size and its depth. All in several different languages, included in Spanish. This lake has more coastline than the state of California…. However we began to give preference to the landscape that surrounded us. It was just at that moment when a pair of jet skis began to rebuild, taking the waves that our ship was leaving.

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge (Utah) tour

Jet skis apart, the postcards that Lake Powell left us looked like they were taken fromMonument Valley, only that the water bordered these gigantic mountains of stone. A preciousness.

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge (Utah) tour

As you can see in the photograph below, Lake Powell is really a gigantic reservoir with floods and descents of water every year. It was created in the second half of the 20th century to supply an area as dry as southern Utah and northern Arizona. His name comes from John Wesley Powell, an explorer who toured this part of the Colorado River.

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge (Utah) tour

After about 2 hours or even something else, the ship got into a rather narrow arm of the lake. A place where the horn must be honed in each curve because there are not two boats at the same time.

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge (Utah) tour

This area of ​​special beauty will take us to the place we were all waiting for, the Rainbow bridge. In fact we will end at a jetty where the water ends and from there we have a simple walk of just under 2 kilometers that will take us to the stone arch.

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge (Utah) tour

Walk that as you can see is also impressive. Of course already in full sun and with temperatures close to 40 degrees. For this reason on the boat they offer you several bottles of fresh water completely free.

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge (Utah) tour

We arrive at Rainbow bridge, one of the largest stone arches in the world. Here they say it is number 1, but I have my doubts. The size certainly impresses and the only one that could put it is the lack of water. I have seen photos where Lake Powell reached the same arch, but they really are photographs of an exceptional flood in the 90s.

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge (Utah) tour

One wonders how such a wonder could be created and science always has an answer. Thousands of years ago there was a meander that surrounded what is nowadays the Rainbow Bridge. At that time it was just a mountain, no arc, but the river was going down so hard that it ended up making a hole in the mountain leaving the meander unusable. Come on you took the direct path creating this natural wonder.

Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge (Utah) tour

By the way, with respect to local Indians, you should not go under the arch because it brings bad luck. We can only border it, although there is always some tourist missing about it.

With the objective achieved, we return to the ship to take the road back to Page. However he made an intermediate stop at Dangling Rope, a stop where there is a gas station for boats, a supermarket and a souvenir shop…. Classic stop on any organized excursion.

Practical data

Before leaving for the United States

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  • The best excursions in the United States

When to go?

The ideal would be to go in Spring or Autumn, without a doubt the best dates to visit it. In summer it is very hot so it is recommended to visit it in the morning. The good thing about summer is that we can bathe in the waters of Lake Powell, but beware…, only in the areas enabled for it as Lone Rock.

How to get?

Take road from Page in the direction of Kanab. Once we cross Lake Powell Dam, we take the first turn to the right towardsWahpeap where the jetty is near the end of the road.

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How much?

It usually comes to cost some 120$.

What to wear

We have commented on multiple occasions. The place is very hot during the months of July and August. This means that we will have to carry large amounts of water, sun protection and something that covers our heads. Many people choose to carry a simple bottle in hand for the short tour which is a mistake.

How to move

Without a doubt, the best way to get around is by car, since the points are very far apart and public transport is very scarce. We leave you a link with car rental discounts.

Where to sleep

The best thing about this area of ​​the United States is that you can find large hotels, with several beds, at really interesting prices.

  • Super 8. Typical roadside motel to live an adventure.
  • Motel 6. More motels is war
  • Travelodge Page. A classic of this chain.
  • Holiday Inn Express A good option and at a good price.

Recommended nearby excursions

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