New York in 7 days (Guide, visits and essential excursions)


For many visiting New York in 7 days is the perfect duration to get to know the Big Apple. New York goes a long way and not only for its large dimensions, but for the amount of activities that can be done in this photogenic corner of the United States. Today we are going to tell you the itinerary we did in New York in 7 days, an ideal tour that you may print or save on your smartphone. With this mini guide you will be able to know the essential of the city as well as restaurants, terraces and unique corners. Do not miss it!.

New York in 7 days

What you can not miss?

New York is a city of cinema, a city that leaves no one indifferent. It is so cosmopolitan that it can accommodate all kinds of tourists and that is why our trip wanted to house 3 basic things. The best panoramic from the city, restaurants with good ratings on Tripadvisor and the most emblematic tours from the city. For example:

  • Panoramic views of the city from the Roof, the Empire State Building, the Hyatt B53 terrace or the Top of the Rock at dusk
  • Landmarks such as Times Square or Central Park
  • Neighborhoods like Harlem, Brooklyn, Soho or Chinatown
  • Watch an NBA match or a Broadway musician
  • The bridges of Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • Go shopping on 5th avenue or the 21st Century
  • Museums such as the Metropolitan, Natural History or the Intrepid Sea Air
  • The new Zone O and Battery Park
  • New spaces like Dumbo or the High Line
  • A cruise like the Circle Line that surrounds all of Manhattan
  • Classic tours like Contrasts

It may seem little or a lot, but within each of these places there is not only the magic of the city, but a lot of places to visit.

How can you move around New York?

It is best to walk and walk, but to start the day you usually have to move to a starting point. Uber and the subway is the cheapest and most efficient. In our trip we use both Uber As the subway. Uber for specific paths and the subway In most cases, it avoids traffic jams and is also much cheaper. In any case both methods are currently the best in New York. Of course, then it is time to walk and walk, since it is the best way to get to know the city.

New York taxi

Restaurants in New York

In New York in 7 days it gives you time not only to know the best terraces or restaurants. You can even repeat! Burgers, movie Asians, Mexicans, etc. Everything has a place in the Big Apple. We have marked in green in our private guide those places that you have to know. There will be days where we don't recommend, isn't it because we didn't like them? :)

New York - B53 Hyatt Hotel
TAO Restaurant

Travel insurance for New York

I hope you're not one of those who think you don't need a travel insurance for New York. Well, eye. Health in the United States is very expensive and unless you have a private insurance With international coverage, nothing better happen to you. At the time we talked about an ideal insurance for New York and we recommend you read carefully. The unforeseen happen and for what it costs, it is certainly worth it.

Itinerary for 7 days

To give you the idea of ​​our itinerary, it starts from Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan. We had the accommodation there and therefore it was always our starting point. The method of transport normally the subway, although on occasion we use the fantastic Uber service.

1 Day 1. Midtown & Central Park

The first day we dedicate to know Central park and see a NBA match. Since Times Square We climb the 7th avenue to the mythical park, park where we rent bicycles to explore it. We saw the Dakota building and then we crossed the park again to take a brunch. From there we went down to Times Square and by chance we saw the market of Little brazil, only open on Sundays. Having seen the market we took the subway and went south to the Terrace 230 to see at night from a skyscraper the Empire State Building.

  • Times Square
  • Central Park by bike
  • Building Dakota in Central Park West, where John Lennon was murdered
  • Brunch next to the Guggenheim
  • Go down the 5th avenue watching luxury stores
  • Market visit Little brazil at 34 West 46th Street (Sundays only)
  • NBA game at Madison Square Garden
  • A glass of wine in a spectacular attic, laterraza 230
  • Dinner at the L&W Oyester Co
  • Last minute Christmas markets in Bryant Park

* We also take room to go to the BH Photo store, the best photography shop in New York.

Day 1 in New York

2 Day 2. Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan & Soho

We descend south east to cross the two most important bridges in New York, the one of Manhattan and that of Brooklyn. For us, one of the best days in the city. From there we went south to go shopping at the classic 21st century, eat in a classic hamburger and see the Zone 0. From there we walk north across the Soho, a little beating but worth it, to end up having dinner in a great Mexican. Already at night, before arriving at the hotel, we discovered the arch of Washington Park, with a view to the bottom of the great skyscrapers of New York.

  • Metro to Grand St to cross the Manhattan Bridge
  • Dumbo Zone
  • Return to the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Shopping in the 21st Century
  • Visit to Trinity Church
  • Zone 0, Freedom Tower and Battery Park
  • Food in Soho Mocha Burger
  • Visit to the neighborhood of Soho
  • Dinner at the Mexican Dos Caminos
  • Washington Park night walk

Day 2 in New York

3 Day 3. Lenox Hill, Central Park & ​​Midtown

On a rainy day we decided to visit one of the most important museums in New York, the Metropolitan. We leave from Times Square as usual and walk north until we reach San Patrick, a good place to take refuge from the rain and visit the most important cathedral in the city. From there we went to Madison Avenue, the avenue where the great millionaires from Manhattan to finish at the Metropolitan. When leaving the Metropolitan the rain stopped and we were able to cross Central Park alone with all those trees and wet leaves that the oroño had recently left. A wonder the truth. We ended the day watching a classic on Broadway, the Phantom of the opera. It's New York, everything goes!

  • San Patrick Cathedral
  • Madison Avenue, the street of the rich
  • Museum Metropolitan. How the spaces cool
  • We cross Central Park raining in autumn
  • Food at PJ Clarkes
  • We cross the 42 and then turn to Times Square
  • He Phantom of the opera on highwayway
  • Dinner at Burger Joint (more burgers no !!!).

Day 3 in New York

4 Day 4. Midtown, museums & cruise around Manhattan

On the fourth day we set it to meet one of the new symbols of New York, the High Line. Before going to High line, next to him, we pass the Chelsea Market, which is next to the High Line and once seen this beautiful corridor we take the Circle Line cruiser, we recommend it !. Later we went to Intrepid Sea, total was included in the City Pass. Nor did we disappoint. We finish the day walking I don't know how many kilometers, so we decided to give ourselves a small tribute in the Times Square R Lounge, having a drink overlooking the hundreds of posters that illuminate the square.

  • Metro 14st to Chelsea Market
  • Wander the High Line
  • We ate some puppies on the street 🙂
  • Circle Line Cruise
  • Visit the Intrepid Sea Aircraft Carrier (next to where the previous tour departs)
  • Go back on 42 to Times Square and take a drink in R Lounge

Day 4 in New York

5 Day 5. Midtown, Chinatown, Soho & Lower Manhattan

Day of buildings such as the Great Station, the Chrysler Building or the United Nations. In addition to neighborhoods such as Soho, China Town or Little Italy, practically united these last two. Part day shopping, a lot subway, but also one day seeing several of the best views of the city.

  • Grand Central Station, Chrysler Building, Metlife or the UN building
  • Metro to Chinatown and Little Italy
  • Visit to SOHO and sample or sample stores ...
  • Food. Pizza at Champion Pizza, where the owner is the world champion of acrobatic pizza (in 17 Cleveland Pl)
  • Views from the terrace of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
  • Wineglass on The Roof (views to the north)
  • In the evening drink in the Hyatt Hotel Bar 53, Spectacular!

Day 5 in New York

6 Day 6. Harlem, Wall Street & Lookouts

For us one of the quietest days (although subway up and down) of the week. A destination day mainly for two things. To see one Gospel Mass, Mother what passion they give off !, and see two of the most important viewpoints of Manhattan, the Empire state and the Top of the Rock. One before another, since depending on the time, one is worth it sooner or later. By the way, book.

  • Gospel Mass in Harlem
  • Visit to Empire State
  • Wall Street, south of Manhattan
  • Walk the east river watching the bridges
  • Food in elTAO
  • Radio City and Rockefeller Center
  • Top of the Rock

Day 6 in New York

7 Day 7. Contrast Tour

Our last day, before taking the flight to Madrid, we did one of the most classic tours, eltour de Contrast. We met the "other" New York and ended up in Dumbo, as on the second day. A good farewell to the city of skyscrapers.

  • Contrast tour all morning (Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn)
  • Dumbo

Brooklyn bridge

Before leaving for the United States

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  • The best excursions in the United States

Airport Transfers

If you do not want to haggle and want to go comfortably and safely from the airport to New York, we recommend that you hire a transfer from the airport. It is not expensive and worth it.

We recommend you visit our New York section where you can see places, tips on New York. New York in 7 days goes a long way.

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New York in 7 days
7-day guide in New York
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