5 great destinations for Easter without spending a lot of money


The Easter Leaving aside the more religious side, it is one of the most expected moments to be 4 days of expected vacation. They are four days that make Holy Week one of the main moments of the year to rest once the year has entered. If you are lucky you can take the whole week, but if you only have these days there are destinations that you can enjoy to the fullest without having to ask your boss for more days.

Madeira Islands San Lorenzo Point

Holy Week without spending a lot of money

It sounds utopian not to spend a lot of money on vacation and less during Holy Week, but there are places that if you ride it well, for about € 400 from Spain you can enjoy places like these.

Morocco. Marrakech and surroundings

I still do not understand how many people are afraid to know this beautiful country. It has everything and also at a good price. Fantastic food, but you have to like exoticism, and culture completely opposed to European, something that is appreciated, since when you travel many times you want to know contrasts and different places. A perfect trip would be to go to Marrakech and get to know the surroundings, like the kasbash of Ait Benhaddou, a movie place where great Hollywood hits like Giatoria were filmed. In 4 days you can do things like:

  • Enjoy the Marrakech medina
  • Crazy shopping is yourmost exotic bazaars
  • Sleep in Riads in the medina for less than € 40 with luxuries you don't expect
  • Have dinner at the Plaza de Yamaa el Fna for € 4 and have a huge orange juice for € 0.50
  • Enjoy a good Haman
  • Get to know movie places like Ait Benhaddou


London and surroundings

There are many flight + plane offers that between € 400 and € 450 allow you to enjoy one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. In 4 days for a lot, even to see surrounding villages like Cambridge. If we were to go this Holy Week to London our proposal would be:

  • Enjoy the best museums in the world (many are free)
  • See the city from the perspective of the Second World War, one pass
  • Take a boat in the Thamesis
  • Visit places as emblematic as Big Ben, White Park or Piccadilly Circus
  • Take the train and enjoy the channels of Cambridge Although this adds € 50 more to your budget, mainly because of the train


The interior of Tunisia

Once the Arab Spring in Tunisia This sale, it's time to make this country fashionable. Now there is little tourism, something that is appreciated, as prices go down and the feeling of overwhelm in high season disappears, as there are very few people. If we put the incentive to go in a time where the heat is not overwhelming, where we can even find very green places in the north of the country, what are we waiting for ??? Remember that Tunisia is one of the kings destinations Low cost, all-inclusive packages for less than € 500.

We recommend the following destinations that you can travel perfectly in just 4 days:

  • The souk of Tunisia Capital.
  • Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.
  • Tozeur and the sets of the Star Wars.
  • The Chebika Oasis
  • The Canyon of Mides.
  • And if it gives time, the island of Djerba and the Colosseum of The Jem.

It is certainly a good destination during Holy Week without spending a lot of money.

Chebika Oasis - Tunisia

Madeira Island

If we had to choose an island with good hiking trails and perfect for 4 days we would talk about the Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands or the Madeira Islands. Madeira Island stands out mainly for its holography, very mountainous, for their wines and for the green landscape they have. It is a wet island, full of waterfalls, I would say beautiful, but for walkers, not for beachmen, since its main attraction is the hiking trails And the viewpoints.

There are many offers from € 400 to visit this island, where at this price you will only have to add the rental of a car, because without it, you can do little on this island paradise. It is still an interesting destination for Easter without spending a lot of money.

Madeira Islands

The east coast of Sicily

4 days in Sicily is little but enough. It is a really huge island and in order to visit it you will need at least a week. If you have 9 days in Holy Week is perfect, although you will not be able to bathe in its beaches as it is still spring, although the truth, having those in Spain, is not worth it. Sicily's interior stands out, which dazzles the most traveler. Is the poor Italy, which is seen and perceived. If we stay with the east coast and we fly to Catania, for 4 perfect days, we recommend you see:

  • Climb al Monte Etna, the active volcano par excellence in Europe
  • Taormina and the theater that rivals the sea
  • Syracuse, with that spanish air
  • Catania with him impressive Roman Theater
  • I notice, a city that you don't expect
  • A beautiful inner city like Caltagirone

Ascent to Etna

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